LLC Reinstatement & Corporation Reinstatement

Reinstatement Definition:

Reinstatement means to bring a business (LLC or corporation) back into good standing with the state where the business was formed or registered to do business. If a business entity fallen behind on franchise taxes and annual reports, it may be administratively dissolved or suspended by the state. The reinstatement process, sometimes called Revival or Reactivation is the only way to bring that business entity back to good standing.

How to Reinstate a Corporation or LLC

  1. Perform a Business Name Search
    The first step to reinstatement is knowing what fines and annual reports need to be filed. Perform a business name search on the secretary of state website to see the status of the business.
  2. Pay Fees, Fines and File Annual Reports
    Before reinstatement can occur, a business owner must pay whatever fees or fines that have accrued with the state. Often this also involves filing any missed annual reports to make the business current.
  3. File Revival Paperwork
    After paying all fees and fines, business owners may have to file an Application for a Certificate of Revival or similarly named document. However, many states don’t have a form. In those states, you will need to contact the state department responsible for business entities and provide proof of having paid all fees and filing all annual reports. Find the specific state information below for state by state reinstatement information.
  4. Pay Reinstatement Fees
    All states have some reinstatement fee that must be paid in order to reactivate a business entity.


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