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At Incorporate Fast Inc:

We'll Form Your Company Fast

We offer same day filings. Your company paperwork will be filed and registered with the state as fast as possible, and we don’t tack on extra fees for fast formation service.

We Provide What You Need In Every Package

Every company we form comes with equipped with asset protection, privacy, and the required documents (operating agreement, corporate bylaws) PLUS website, email, and phone services.

We're Experienced Professionals

In 2002, Incorporate Fast Inc. became the first website to offer customers the ability to form a corporation or LLC online in every state. Since then, we’ve only gotten better and faster.

Our Story

When Incorporate Fast Inc was founded in 2002, almost no state had the infrastructure to handle online business formations, and starting a new business entity could take weeks. That’s why we started Incorporate Fast, so we could start your business fast. And we did! We helped change the industry by facilitating online signups and building a vast network of filers and couriers who delivered formation documents by hand.

Now, times and methods have changed, but the experience and knowledge we gained and the professional relationships we cultivated have kept Incorporate Fast Inc. ahead of the pack. Since our beginning, we’ve formed thousands of new businesses, while still evolving, working harder than ever, and never slowing down.

With years of experience and integrated technologies, our professional filers will form your company with care and speed to ensure you can do business as fast as possible. If you want to form an LLC or start a corporation, you’ve found the right online incorporation service with Incorporate Fast Inc.

What We Do

IncFast provides the services and knowledge to help you start a business fast. Whether you’re hiring us to form your company for you or want to do it yourself, throughout our site you’ll find the information and services you need to launch your enterprise as fast as possible. Our website is full of self-help incorporation information designed to assists you in filing of your corporate and LLC documents with the state Secretary of State offices. We also offer professional filing services start and maintain your LLC or corporation.

Our Services

We offer corporate kits, expedited filings, federal tax id number applications, s-corp applications, and more, including domain name, website, email, and virtual phone services.

We can work with you to assist in the filings of these documents with the appropriate state offices. ¿Hablas español? We have support representatives on staff who are available to work with our Spanish speaking clients.

We learned early on that in order for our business to be successful, your business needs to succeed. With our service, we’ll do everything we can to make that happen.

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Legal Information

Incorporate Fast Inc is a registered and bonded legal document assistant, #0224, Los Angeles County. Incorporate Fast Inc. dba IncorporateFast.com is not a law firm and is not a substitute for the advice of an attorney.


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