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Deciding which type of business to form is seldom easy. To help you understand the various benefits of starting an LLC or corporation, we have put together some detailed resources to guide you. The links provided below will help you to learn about limited liability companies and the steps necessary to form a corporation. Inside our resource center you will find answers to basic questions (such as “what is a limited liability company?”), definitions and explanations of terms, and samples of the paperwork that is used to form an LLC or corporation.

Form a corporation or limited liability company online

Federal and State Tax Laws treat multi-member LLCs like a partnership, or for a single-member LLC, like a sole proprietorship. However, the owners of the LLC are not personally liable for its debts or liabilities.

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Federal and State Tax Laws regulate the existence and life of a corporation. As every state has different laws regarding corporations,you must follow the business corporation law of your state.

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