Articles of Amendment

LLC and Corporation Amendments

How to File Articles of Amendment in Any State

For business owners who need to make changes to a corporation’s or LLC’s formation documents (Articles of Organization or Articles of Incorporation)—business name changes, ownership information alterations or additions, address changes, and more—must file Articles of Amendments with the secretary of state or state corporations division. Below is a step-by-step guide to filing Articles of Amendment.

  1. Ensure All Annual Reports Have Been Filed
    You will be unable to file the Articles of Amendment if your company isn’t current on its annual reports. To ensure nothing is delinquent, simply run a business name search on the secretary of state’s website to check the status of your business.
  2. Complete the Articles of Amendment
    To complete the Articles of Amendment, you’ll need to list the following: business name and entity number (if applicable), date articles were originally filed, the articles that need to be amended and the new or correct information, corporations need to list shareholder voting results. The articles also need to be signed and dated by an authorized individual(s). Some states may also require certified copies of your original articles.
  3. Pay the Filing Fee
    Articles of Amendment filing fees vary by state. To see the exact amount charged by your state, find the specific state table below.

Some states allow online amendment filings, others require original signed copies of documents to be delivered in person or through the mail. How your amendments are filed will greatly affect filing times. In states that require amendments to be filed by paper, it may take three weeks or more for the amendments to be filed. Find the fastest ways to file amendments below.

LLC and Corporation Amendments by State


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