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Starting a Business in West Virginia

The Basics

For years, IncorporateFast.com has been assisting small businesses just like yours organize in West Virginia. Forming an LLC or corporation can provide the liability protection you and your business need, and we simplify the process for you. We prepare all of the initial filing documents for your review and signature, and we then take care of the submission to the West Virginia Business Organizations Division and monitor the approval status.
File with us today and see how fast and easy we can make this process for you.  We have years of experience in dealing with the state.  We know how to speed through the process.

Doing Business in West Virginia

Business Maintenance

All West Virginia Corporations and LLCs Must File: 

  • Articles of Incorporation
    Form a West Virginia corporation or LLC by filing the Articles of Incorporation or Articles of Organization with the WV Secretary of State. It costs $100 to form a West Virginia corporation or $100 to form a West Virginia LLC.
  • Annual Report
    West Virginia corporations and LLC’s must file annual reports with the Secretary of State.The annual report is due by July 1st every year. West Virginia corporations and LLCs pay $25 to file the annual report. The West Virginia Annual Report may be filed online.

West Virginia Business Organizations Division
Business Organizations Division
Secretary of State
Bldg. 1, Suite 157-K
1900 Kanawka Blvd. East
Charleston WV 25305

West Virginia Business Taxes

Individual Income Tax
West Virginia individual income tax rates range from 4% to 6.5%.

Corporate Income Tax
West Virginia’s corporate income tax rate is 6.5%.

West Virginia Business License

West Virginia does not require a state business license. You do need to apply for the proper local and professional licenses.


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