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Starting a Business in Nebraska

The Basics

From small business entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies, Nebraska was recently voted as one of the Best States for Business by Forbes Magazine and Nebraska is a great home for your new business.

Let our years of filing experience in Nebraska assist you to form your new Nebraska LLC or new corporation quickly and correctly. Our simple secure online ordering process takes the confusion out of filing. We prepare the documents for your signature, review the signed documents prior to submission and then monitor the state processing.

You work on your business; we’ll take care of your paperwork. Order now or contact one of our representatives today.

Doing Business in Nebraska

Business Maintenance

All Nebraska Corporations and LLCs Must File: 

  • Articles of Incorporation
    File your Articles of Incorporation or Certificate of Organization with the Nebraska Secretary of State. Corporations pay a filing fee based on authorized capital stock. The incorporation fee is $78. Nebraska LLCs pay $105 to organize.
  • Biennial Report. Nebraska corporations must file the biennial report by March 1 in even numbered years. LLCs must file their biennial report by April 1 in odd numbered years. The filing fee for corporations is based on paid up capital stock. The Filing fee for Nebraska LLCs is $10.

Nebraska Secretary of State
Corporations Division
Room 1301
State Capitol
P.O. Box 94608
Lincoln NE 68509

Nebraska Business Taxes

Personal Income Tax
Nebraska individual income tax rates:

$0-$3,050 then tax is 2.46%
$3,050-$18,280 then tax is $75.03 + 3.51% of the excess over $3,050
$18,280-$29,460 then tax is $609.6 + 5.01% of the excess over $18,280
$29,460 or more then tax is $1,16972 + 6.84% of the excess over $29,460
Corporation Income Tax
Nebraska corporate income tax rates:

If taxable income is over $0, but not over $100,000, then the tax rate is 5.58% on the excess over $0.
If taxable income is over $100,000, then the tax rate is $5,580 + 7.81% on the excess over $100,000.

Nebraska Business License

Nebraska does not require a general state business license. You will need to obtain any occupational or local licences your Nebraska business may need.


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