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Why Hire IncFast?

As one of the first companies to offer online business formation services, we’ve formed thousands of companies since 2002, the Missouri LLC we form for you will be done fast, efficiently and protect your personal assets!

Increased Security

Forming a LLC in Missouri will create a permanent, searchable public record tying your name and address to the newly formed business. This creates a potential information security vulnerability which online data hackers, spammers and scammers can utilize for malicious purposes. IncFast will not only file your paperwork faster than any other incorporation service, we’re the only national LLC formation service that makes your personal privacy a priority. We use our own registered agent service address to keep your home and office address off of permanent public records whenever possible.

Save Money

All Missouri LLC formations include an operating agreement, access to state forms, pro filing tips, free registered agent service, and same day filings. Compare those offerings to another company offering the same services and you’ll see that you’re saving hundreds when you hire IncFast to form your Missouri LLC.

We're Fast

Every order will be filed the same day you place an order. That means if you hire us to create your Missouri LLC, it’ll be registered with the state within 24 hours.

All Missouri LLC Packages Include:

1-Day Missouri LLC Formation

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Missouri LLC Formation Process

A Missouri LLC is formed by filing a document called the Articles of Organization with the Missouri Secretary of State. The state charges $60 to file the Articles of Organization.

This formation document requires you to list all of the following:

  • Missouri LLC name
  • LLC purpose
  • Term of existence
  • Management structure
  • Registered agent info
  • Date of execution
  • Name, address, and signature of LLC organizer(s)

When you hire IncFast to form your LLC, our signup process gives you easy to follow directions so that all the information above is asked for in an easy-to-understand format. Additionally, our professional filers will complete your filing the same day you order, and the entire Missouri LLC formation process will be completed within 1 business day.

How Does an  LLC Work?

When you create an LLC, you are essentially creating a new entity, separate from yourself, for the purpose of doing business. It's how the LLC is able to protect your personal assets. If this makes sense, you can skip to the next section. But if you want a fuller understanding of how an LLC functions, keep reading:
Keep reading

To grasp the basic concept of an LLC, and business entities in general, pretend that when you create an LLC, you are registering an imaginary friend with the secretary of state (this may sound crazy, but if you follow along, this example is frighteningly exact). Once registered with the state, the imaginary friend is granted all the rights of a real person; you can even open a bank account in their name. The imaginary friend is in charge of running the business, and should the imaginary friend be sued, he/she/it can only be sued for the assets you and other friends have provided. That’s basically what we mean when we talk about asset protection: should your LLC be sued, you won’t be sued personally.

There are complicated things known as charging orders that can “pierce the veil” of an LLC, but that tends to require a mingling of personal and business funds in the same account. If you keep a strict separation of personal and business assets and pay creditors, in most situations, the LLC will shield you from personal liability.

All Missouri LLC orders will be processed the same day they are ordered, and within 1 business day, you will be notified that your LLC has been activated and registered with the Missouri Secretary of State!


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