Corporation (Inc) is the fast and easy way to create a corporation or limited liability company (LLC), whether you’re looking to incorporate in California, Texas, Florida, New York, or another state. When you incorporate a business with Incorporate Fast, the order process takes less than five minutes and we do the filing and follow-up work for you. Call us today toll free at (866) 999-8200.

Create a Corporation or Incorporate a Business Online

Typical items required for filing a corporation:

The following services are available when you order one of our corporation filing packages:

Preliminary State Name Availability Search

Prior to submitting your documents for your signature, our office will make certain that the name you have requested is currently available at the state. If it is unavailable we will contact you for additional names to search.

Preparation and Review of Documents

Our experienced document specialists and reviewers prepare the documents requiring your signature and then review the signed documents prior to submission to the state. Many times, this secondary review of the signed documents can save weeks due to an error or omission of a required signature.

Filing submitted to the state office

Filing of Documents with State Office – When we file your documents with the Secretary of State, we can expedite, rush, and prioritize your filing for quick turnaround. If you are interested in adding a RUSH service, this will be offered to you in the checkout process.

Payment to state for filed articles

Your total payment includes payment to the Secretary of State, and our office issues complete required payment for the filing, as well as any additional fees to obtain copies of the final approved documents or certificates from the state.

Federal tax id assistance

Our experienced staff will prepare the Federal Tax ID application for your business. Once your order has been approved we will send you the pre-populated application to you. We will provide instructions on filing this document directly with the IRS. Also consider having our staff to assist in submission of your TAX ID application directly to the IRS, for no extra fee.

Deluxe Company Kit & Embossing Seal

The Deluxe Company Kit is often referred to as a companys Black Book. This deluxe package includes a high quality embossed binder and enclosure featuring the entity name, stock/membership certificates that represent ownership, a high-quality steel embossing seal to emboss the certificates as well as any other official documents.

S-Corp Application Preparation

Our experienced staff will prepare your application for Small Business Corporation so that you may obtain S-Corp Status from the IRS.

Obtainment Federal Tax ID

When you order the Federal Tax ID obtainment service from us, we will obtain your Tax ID number within 7-14 business days from when we receive the pre-populated Tax ID application.

FedEx shipping of approved documents

This is an upgrade of our standard included First-Class mail delivery of your approved documents. Our office will deliver your final state-issued approved documents to you through FedEx.

Business license compliance package

Our Business License Compliance Package is a custom package that includes license, permit and tax registration applications and instructions that are to be required for your specific business type and location.

Each custom package is designed specifically for your business, and specific to your city and county requirements. (Licenses for additional cities/counties are available at a discounted rate through our customer service department.)

Included are:

  • An overview of the known licenses and permits required for your type of business.
  • Local (state, county and/or city) licensing agency contact information.
  • The actual license and permit applications, and associated instructions and information.


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