How to Form a Texas LLC

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Why Hire IncFast?

Forming a Texas LLC establishes a permanent public record under your name and address. When you file the Certificate of Formation for a Texas LLC, you must list the organizer’s name and address. This means your name goes on a permanent record which can be easily found by anyone who searches. IncFast will file your paperwork faster than any other incorporation service, and we will protect your personal privacy. Listing our office address on your public documents will reduce the potential for compromised security and reduce junk mail and solicitations. We use our own registered agent service address to be able to omit your home and office address from permanent public records. Down the road, if you would like to change the address, we’ll make the change for free. You may easily change everything from our registered agent address to your home or office, any time. Alternatively, we offer continued Texas registered agent service for $125 a year. As your Texas registered agent we act as a shield, forcing any data miners, potential security threats, and process servers to go through us in order to reach you.

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Texas LLC Advantages

  1. No Formalities
    One of the major differences between Texas LLCs and corporations is that LLCs aren’t required to hold annual meetings and pass resolutions like corporations. Texas LLCs are much more simple to manage.
  2. Texas Income Tax
    Texas LLCs have a major benefit over many other states LLCs. Texas LLC members don’t have to pay state income taxes on their profits because there is no personal income tax. Texas business entities with income over $1,110,000 do have to pay the franchise tax, which is a gross receipts tax. Retail and wholesale businesses are subject to a .375% tax. Other businesses are subject to a .75% tax. The franchise tax report is due by May 15th each year.
  3. Asset Protection
    One big reason that business owners choose to form an LLC, is to limit risk.  The concept is commonly called limited liability, and it applies to all Texas LLCs.  When the owners of a business decide to form an LLC, they are starting the process of separating their personal assets from the assets of the business. If your company finds that it has a debt it can not pay or a claim from a lawsuit, the company, and the company alone will be held responsible for that debt and not the owners. If an LLC member has personal debts, the only remedy a creditor may use to access the assets of the Texas LLC is a charging order. This means that should a member of the LLC be sued by a creditor; the judgment creditor can only seek to be repaid through the LLC by a court order. The charging order only grants the judgment creditor rights to the debtor-member’s LLC distributions, not the members entire LLC interest.
  4. Simple Maintenance
    Once you form your Texas LLC, it is time to focus on running your business. Texas LLCs do not have to file annual reports with the Secretary of State. Just be sure to file your Franchise Tax Report with the Texas Comptroller.
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How to Form a Texas LLC

  1. File the Certificate of Formation with the Texas Secretary of State

    In Texas, limited liability companies (LLCs) are formed by filing a document called the Certificate of Formation with the Secretary of State.

  1. Include the following information in the Certificate of Formation

    • Texas LLC name (including “Limited Liability Company,” “Limited Company,” or an abbreviation
    • Mailing/principal office address
    • LLC purpose
    • Texas registered agent and registered office address
    • Whether the LLC will be managed by members or managers
    • Name and address of each initial member or manager
    • Manager name(s) and address(es)
    • Anything else the members wish to include
    • Effective date of formation
    • Name, address, and signature of a person authorized to form the LLC (known as the organizer(s))
  2. Submit the completed Certificate of Formation to the Texas Secretary of State

    In Texas, you can file online, in person, by mail or by fax. Online filings are processed in 2 business days. Mailed or faxed filings take a little longer.

    If you don’t want the stress of forming the LLC yourself, we will form your Texas LLC for $99 plus state fees.

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Texas LLC costs and fees

LLC formation costs:

  • Texas LLCs have a $300 filing fee paid to the Texas Secretary of State.
  • To expedite a Texas LLC filing, file online and it will be completed in 2 days.

LLC maintenance fees in Texas:

  • Texas LLCs do not file annual reports with the Secretary of State. Just be sure to keep up with your Texas Franchise Tax filings.

Do Texas LLCs need an operating agreement?

Texas LLCs are not required to implement an operating agreement. However, an operating agreement is still important and beneficial to an LLC. The LLC operating agreement outlines how the LLC functions and resolve disputes. As member, you probably want to consider your own special circumstances when making the agreement. A decent operating agreement will cover matters from distributions to dissolution. We include an operating agreement with every IncFast LLC package.

Let Incorporate Fast Form Your Texas LLC

IncFast is committed to giving our clients the best possible service. That means we complete your business filing quickly and correctly. Hire IncFast today and you will get all of the following:

  • Speed
    Just sign up online and we take care of the rest. Enter your basic company information and we will form your Texas LLC. IncFast will file with the Secretary of State and get your documents back as soon as possible.
  • Quality
    When you hire IncFast, you get the kind of service that only comes with years of experience. With more than 27,000 clients served, we are experts in state business filings. Our client support team will help you start your business and be here to help you maintain it.
  • Online Accounts
    We want you to be able to track the status of your business, at any time. So we provide every client with instant access to our secure IncFast Online Portal. Through the IncFast Portal, you can see upcoming due dates, access state business forms and find expert advice on hassle free business maintenance tasks.
  • Long-Term Support
    IncFast does more than form your LLC. We will also serve as your registered agent, tracking your business status, providing annual report reminders, and accepting service of process and official documents for your business. Our ongoing support makes it easy to keep your business in good standing.