Registered Agent

Registered Agent Definition:

A registered agent is an individual or company designated by a business to act as its point of contact for official mail, tax notices and services of process. A registered agent accepts these documents on behalf of the business and forwards the documents to the responsible party.

Registered Agent Fast Facts:

  • Synonyms Resident agent, statutory agent, agent for service of process
  • Why does every LLC and corporation need a registered agent?  Because a business entity isn't able to communicate on its own, the basic function of a registered agent is to be a business' communication agent, to receive vital documents on behalf of the business and ensure those documents are handled properly.
  • Registered Agent Requirements A business must have a registered agent in each state where it does business. Each registered agent be a resident in the state where they've been designated; be available to accept service of process during normal business hours; have a physical address where they can accept documents; the ability to forward all documents received to the business owners; and many states require registered agents to keep record of ownership information for the businesses they serve.

IncFast Registered Agent Service

When you hire IncFast to form your corporation or LLC, we include the first year of registered agent service free ($125 a year renewal fee).

What’s included with our registered agent service:

  • The IncFast Online Portal
    Track, receive, monitor your company status and all documents we receive on behalf of your business through your secure IncFast online account—every important company document organized in one location.
  • Instant Notifications
    When we receive a document on your business’ behalf, an electronic notification will be sent to you within minutes.
  • Annual Report Reminders
    Every state requires business entities to file reports (typically annually or biennially) and if they are not filed, your business could rack up fines or even be dissolved. As your registered agent, IncFast will notify you when a report is due and provide professional filings tips on how and where to get your filing done fast.
  • Forms at You Fingertips
    We’ve compiled every form your business might need to file in any state, all conveniently located in our IncFast Online Portal.

Learn more about our registered agent service provider in our Northwest Registered Agent review.

Why Hire a Professional Registered Agent?

Companies hire registered agent services for a variety of reasons.

  • Business in Multiple States
    A registered agent is required in every state you do business, and the registered agent must have a physical address in each state. National registered agent services like IncFast can provide businesses with agents in every state
  • Privacy Concerns
    Registered agent services can mitigate how much of your personal information is attached to public company documents. If IncFast is your registered agent, we allow you to list us as the organizer or incorporator, which will drastically reduce the amount of junk mail, solicitors, and it will help keep your personal detail private.
  • Regular Business Hours
    Registered agents are required to be available during all normal business hours. If a business keeps odd hours, or if the owners aren’t onsite during business hours, they may need to hire a registered agent service.
  • No P.O. Boxes
    If a business doesn’t have a physical address where it can accept service of process, it will be required to hire a registered agent. Registered agents must be able to physically accept service of process at their registered office location.
  • Simplicity
    Hiring a registered agent service can make business maintenance simple. A competent registered agent will have an online account service where all documents are kept in a single location, notifications are streamlined, and annual report reminders arrive on-time. Plus, if you’re operating in multiple states, all documents from all locations are kept in a single, coordinated account, making managing a business a fast, uncomplicated process.

Free Registered Agent Service

When you hire Incorporate Fast Inc. to form your LLC or corporation, we include the first year of registered agent service free. Each year after our annual cost for registered agent service is $125 a year. You can of course cancel at any time, but we believe you’ll find our service invaluable and remain a customer for a long time.


  1. We’re Fast
    Any document we receive for your company will be uploaded and delivered to you in minutes.
  2. We’re Pros
    IncFast started the online incorporation industry. We know business and what it takes to maintain a business. We give our knowledge to you.
  3. We Love What We Do
    Starting a business is one of the most empowering things an individual can do, and we love helping new entrepreneurs succeed. Skeptical? Call us and find out. We’d love to help you start your business today!

Can a Business Change Registered Agents?

Yes, the name of the registered agent can be changed or the street address may be changed. If you need to make a change to the agent information, you must formally make the change of agent with the state government agent in charge of business entity registrations (likely the secretary of state or corporations division). Most states require a fee to make a change to the registered agent information.

How to Change Registered Agents

A business can change registered agents and registered agent services at any time.

To change registered agents, simply hire a new registered agent service and file the Change of Agent form with the state where the LLC or corporation is changing agents. If the business had employed the services of a different agent, give notice to the old registered agent service after filing the Change of Agent form with the state.

Most states do charge a filing fee for changing registered agents. To learn more about specific state processes, see our Change of Registered Agent page.




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