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As the very first incorporation service company to offer online LLC formation services in every state, Incorporate Fast has been at the forefront of pioneering fast, simple online formations since 2002. No professional service is faster.

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  • Every New York LLC order is completed the same day.
  • For no extra charge, our professional filers will file and register your NY LLC with the state in 24 hours.
  • For New York LLCs: We automatically list our address information on your formation documents, and we list ourselves as the organizer. Why? New York LLCs are required to publish notification in a local periodical. If you’re starting an LLC in NYC, that means big money in publication fees. Our address is in Albany, which means you can save a ton by publishing your LLC notification in one of our local papers. Plus, we include detailed instructions on where and what to publish to make starting your New York LLC fast and easy.

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When you hire Incorporate Fast, you can not only expect to have your LLC formed and registered with the state in 24 hours or less, our professional filers are available to answer any questions you have about starting or maintaining your New York LLC throughout the life of your business. We’re here to help you, and whenever you call or email, a real, knowledgeable human being will answer.

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When you hire IncFast to form your LLC, our signup process gives you easy to follow directions so that all the information above is asked for in an easy-to-understand format. Additionally, our professional filers will complete your filing the same day you order, and the entire New York LLC formation process can be completed within 1 business day (the fastest time allowed by the Department of State).

After completing the signup process, you'll be logged into your online account. There you can access tools, get professional filing tip and instructions for publishing your New York LLC notification in a local paper, and most importantly, track your order. Our filers are standing by and waiting for your order.

Is A New York LLC Right For You?

When you create an LLC, you are essentially creating a new entity, separate from yourself, for the purpose of doing business. It's how the LLC is able to protect your personal assets. Keep reading

To grasp the basic concept of an LLC, and business entities in general, pretend that when you create an LLC, you are registering an imaginary friend with the secretary of state (this may sound crazy, but if you follow along, this example is frighteningly exact). Once registered with the state, the imaginary friend is granted all the rights of a real person; you can even open a bank account in their name. The imaginary friend is in charge of running the business, and should the imaginary friend be sued, he/she/they can only be sued for the assets you and your business partners (known as LLC members) have given to the imaginary friend. That’s basically what we mean when we talk about asset protection: should your LLC be sued, you won’t be sued personally.

LLC Advantages:

  • Asset protection
  • Easiest business type to maintain
  • Flexible taxation

For New Yorkers, corporations offer a few advantages like not being required to publish a notification in the paper and they are the preferred entity for taking on investors. However, they are more difficult to maintain as you must follow a wide array of formalities. Want to learn more about starting a New York corporation?

Every New York LLC Order is Processed by Our Expert Filers the Same Day It Is Ordered, and We Notify You Immediately Upon Registration by the Secretary of State. Start your New York LLC today!