Florida DBA

Why file a DBA in Florida?

In order to conduct business in Florida, you must file a with the county clerk by registering a “doing business as” or as commonly known as DBA.  The purpose of a DBA is so prevent confusion in the public about who the true owner of the business is.  To prevent this, the county makes each registrant, whether it be an individual or a corporation or LLC to file a DBA to indicate the owner.  A DBA filing in Florida is good for 5 years at which you must renew the DBA.

What is a DBA also referred to?

In most states and counties, the DBA is called a “Doing Business As”, however some counties in other states have different uses for the same purpose.  In some counties a DBA is also known as an Assumed Name, Fictitious Name, or Trade name.  All of these filings function the same.

Do I need to publish?

In most states, once the filing has been registered with the state, you will need to publish.  Publication requirements differ in most states however in Florida, all you need is to place an advertisement in a newspaper in the county where the office is located.  The advertisement only needs to be run once.  There is no need to file multiple weeks as in some state.  Different newspapers have different fees so it is best to search for which one is the most economical.


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