About Arkansas

Arkansas Secretary of State  provides people will all kinds of services especially forming a LLC or Corporation.  The Secretary of State also provides with UCC filing as well.  The Secretary of State of Arkansas is Charlie Daniels.
Formation of a corporation or an LLC is done by preparing and submitting articles of organization for LLC and an articles of incorporation for a corporation.  The state filing fee for a corporation and a LLC is $45.  Although the fees are very cheap, you should not base your decision on where to file based on initial cost.  You may be better off to file in another state.  Consult your attorney or accountant for any advice on this matter.
Administrative dissolutions in the state happen most commonly for not paying franchise taxes.
File a LLC in Arkansas
File a Corporation in Arkansas
The state provides a wealth of information for people who are interested in visitng the state, moving to the state or doing business in the state.
The Secretary of State’s offices are located in Little Rock.  Little Rock is also the capitol of Arkansas. Their address is as follows:
State Capitol, RM 256
Little Rock, AR 72201

ARKANSAS Relevant News

The state name originiated from the Quapaw Indians.  Arkansas’s capital is Little Rock and it is the states most populous city.  It is one of the few states who shares a border with 6 other states.  The Mississippi river forms the entire east border of the state.
The state is working hard to bring broadband high speed internet to the more rural parts of the state.  Many people in these areas have either no internet access or are still on dial up networks.
One of the most notable names to come out of Arkansas is Bill Clinton,  the former governor who became a two term President of the United States.
Arkansas was the location of one of the most important legal battles in U.S. history.  A Arkansas court rules in Brown vs. Topeka Board of Education that allowed African American’s to integrate white only high schools.
One important aspect of Arkansas was the landmark case Brown v. Topeka Board of Education.  This case allowed for the integration of schools in Arkansas and was a driving force for the civil rights movement.  The Little Rock Nine brought national attention as the Federal government sought to protect the African American Students trying to go to the newly integrated school.


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