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Back in 2002, before the internet was fast or widely used for business, Incorporate Fast Inc. was founded to fulfill a need of incorporating and forming your business fast. More than 25,000 filings later, we’re still evolving and working harder than ever to help you incorporate your business FAST!

In 2002, many Corporations Divisions wouldn’t let you incorporate online. You could only incorporate fast by hand-delivering documents. So while we used to incorporate fast through a vast network of couriers on the ground, we’ve since integrated technology that allows us to incorporate your business online before you even have time to cross the task off your to-do list. We were into the Web before the Web was mainstream, so you can rest easy, knowing that if you want to incorporate, you’ve found the right online incorporation service with Incorporate Fast Inc.

Form a Limited Liability Company:

Most new businesses are now formed as Limited Liability Companies (LLCs), as the formation of LLCs now far outpaces the creation of corporations at a significant rate. You can form an LLC with our online incorporation service just as fast as you could form a corporation. And there are many reasons why you would want to form an LLC vs. a corporation.

Technically, LLCs are not incorporated, they are organized. LLCs have fewer corporate formalities and are defaulted to be taxed by the IRS as a sole proprietorship. However, you can elect to have your LLC taxed as an S corporation or a C corporation, should you choose to do so.

When you form an LLC online with Incorporate Fast Inc., we will prepare and file your LLC, draft your organizational private documents (included in an operating agreement) and get your Federal Tax Identification Number (EIN or FEIN) as fast as it can possibly be done.

Incorporate a Corporation:

The second most popular choice for entrepreneurs starting a new business is to form a corporation. When we began our business, corporations were king simply because people were less familiar with LLCs, but there are plenty of reasons why customers still choose to form corporations.

Forming a corporation that is taxed as a C corp may offer simpler tax filing options if you operate in multiple states. If the business has a high number of shareholders, it can be simpler to distribute profits through a corporation, especially if shareholders are residents of states that have high personal income tax rates. And, of course, if you have dreams of taking your company public, forming a corporation is the choice for you.

When you incorporate online with Incorporate Fast Inc., we will incorporate your business as fast as possible. We will create and file your articles of incorporation, your shareholder, board of director, and officer election meeting minutes, and we will provide you with corporate bylaws ready to be ratified by you. We will also obtain an EIN for your corporation, which will be necessary for you to open a bank account in your corporation’s name. And you can rest assured Incorporate Fast Inc. will have all your documents filed correctly and with a speed that can’t be matched.

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