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Oregon Corporation Advantages

Oregon Corporation Benefits
Well-Defined Business Structure The corporation is a long-established business type. When you form an Oregon corporation, the officers are responsible for its daily operations. The board of directors manages its business affairs.
Corporate Income Tax Oregon corporations must pay state income tax. The corporate tax rate is 6.6% for corporations with less than $1 million in taxable income or 7.6% for corporations with more than $1 million in taxable income. Corporations are subject to double taxation, so the corporation will pay tax on its profits, and individual shareholders pay state income tax on dividends. If your taxable income is between $50,000 and $125,000 the individual income tax is $4264 plus 9% on the excess over. If your income is over $125,000 the individual income tax is $11,014 plus 9.9% on the amount over $125,000.
Strong Liability Protection One or more persons, corporations, associations, or partnerships may incorporate a business under the Oregon Business Corporation Act. Correctly filing the articles of incorporation creates a separate legal entity, protecting the shareholders from liability for corporate debts and obligations.
Investor Usability Oregon corporations raise capital by selling stocks and shares. The corporation is a commonly used business structure that investors are comfortable with.


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As one of the first companies to offer online business formation services, we’ve formed thousands of companies since 2002. We’ll form your corporation in Oregon fast and without error!

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We’ll complete your Oregon incorporation order and file it with the state the same day you place your order, and within 1 business day we’ll send you a digital notification confirming that your corporation has been registered as active in the Oregon Secretary of State database.

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Our business plan has always been simple: give the client what they need fast, error-free, and without hidden fees.

For hundreds less than the competition charges, every Oregon corporation we form comes with the necessary documentation and support to start doing business.

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Our Oregon incorporation packages are all-inclusive. You’ll get:

  • Same Day Filings
  • Asset Protection
  • Online IncFast Portal Access
  • Digital Document Tracking
  • Free Year of Registered Agent Service
  • Free Use of Our Oregon Address for Increased Business Security
  • Operating Agreement
  • Access to State Forms
  • Pro Filing Tips
  • Lifetime Customer Service
  • Much More

Our Oregon Incorporation Service Includes

Same-Day Filings

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1 Yr of Registered Agent Service

Business Security

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Let Incorporate Fast™ Start Your Oregon Corporation

Incorporating your business is the first of many steps you must complete to operate a successful Oregon corporation. Soon, you will need a corporate resolution to open a business bank account, minutes for corporate meetings, and various other documents. When IncFast incorporates your Oregon business, we include the documents you need to form your corporation and manage your business.

  • Speed: IncFast is committed to providing the fastest possible incorporation service
  • Online Accounts: Track your business status, access state forms, receive digital notifications and find pro filing tips in our IncFast Online Portal
  • Quality: We're not only fast, we guarantee we'll file your corporation formation documents error-free
  • Long-Term Support: IncFast provides reliable registered agent service, annual report reminders, and excellent client support

We Also Provide What You Don't Care About Now, But Will After You Incorporate

If you're starting a new company, you're likely focused on choosing between a corporation or LLC and researching how you'll be taxed, not to mention figuring out business licenses, web domains, and above all, funding. That's where your head should be. But after you start doing business, you likely face many unanticipated annoyances. Our incorporation service comes equipped with features designed to mitigate every business compliance obstacle you run up against. Keep reading

  • Business Privacy
    When you form a corporation in Oregon, you’ll be creating a searchable public document linking you to your business. In an ideal world, this information would only be used for public good. But unfortunately, at best your information will be scrapped and peddled to solicitors and spammers who send tons of junk mail. At worst, hackers will attempt to use your information for more nefarious purposes. That’s why we allow you to use our Oregon address on your formation documents and provide a year of registered agent service (you can renew the following year for $125 or cancel at anytime). As your Oregon registered agent, we’ll act as your business’ doorman, shielding your home or office address. We force the data miners and other potential security threats to go through us if they want to contact you. Want to learn more about registered agents?

    What is a registered agent?
  • Corporate Bylaws & Resolutions
    You will find nothing more annoying than walking into a bank to open a business bank account and having the banker explain you don’t have the right paperwork to open an account. We provide every bit of paperwork required to walk into a bank and show you’re authorized to open an account on behalf of your corporation.
  • Maintenance Reminders
    Each year, you’ll be required to file periodic reports with the Oregon Secretary of State. These reports are simple tasks, but they’re easy to forget and can come with severe repercussions. We send digital reminders to make sure you’re aware of every maintenance requirement you need to attend to.
  • Pro Filing Tips
    As your business grows, you’ll need to complete a variety of corporate filings and paperwork. Through our IncFast Online Portal, you’ll be able to access all necessary state forms and professional filing tips to ensure you can complete whatever needs doing as fast and easy as possible.

Incorporate Fast is dedicated to forming businesses fast and error-free. When you order Oregon incorporation service, we will complete your order and your corporation will be registered with the state within one business day.


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