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Delaware Corporation Advantages

Delaware Corporation Benefits
Well-Defined Business Structure A huge number of corporations decide to incorporate in Delaware and Delaware takes pride in being a business-friendly state.  Delaware corporations have a well-established business structure and chain of command. Officers attend to the daily operations of the corporations, while the board of directors controls company-wide decisions.
Delaware Corporate Tax Delaware does have an 8.7% corporate income tax for corporations that do business in the state. Double taxation of corporations means that a corporation must pay tax on its profits and individual shareholders in Delaware are subject to individual state income tax on dividends. The individual tax rates range from 2.2% to 5.55% on income under $60,000 and 6.6% for income over $60,000.
Strong Asset Protection Delaware’s Corporations Law allows a person, partnership, corporation, or association to form a Delaware corporation jointly or with others. One individual may be the director, shareholder and officer of the corporation. Forming a Delaware corporation creates a legal entity separate from its incorporator, shareholders, officers, and directors. Delaware corporations also have a long history of case law and provisions that provide extensive protections to shareholders, limiting their personal liabilities.
Investor Usability Delaware corporations can sell stocks and shares to raise capital. Potential company investors will likely be familiar with and feel comfortable investing in a Delaware corporation.


How to Form a Delaware Corporation

  1. File the Certificate of Incorporation with the Delaware Division of Corporations

In Delaware, corporations are formed by filing a formation document called the Certificate of Incorporation with the Division of Corporations.

  1. Include the following information in the Certificate of Incorporation

    • Delaware corporation name
    • Disclosure of corporate purpose
    • Delaware registered agent and registered office address
    • Number of authorized shares (also indicate if there is more than one class of shares)
    • Par value of shares
    • Optional provisions
    • Name, address, and signature of a person authorized to form the corporation (known as the incorporator(s))
  2. Submit the completed Certificate of Incorporation to the Delaware Division of Corporations

Delaware corporations can be filed by mail, fax, or in person.

If you don’t want to form the corporation yourself, you can hire us to form a Delaware corporation for $99 plus state fees.

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Delaware Corporation Costs and Fees

Delaware Incorporation Costs
Filing Fee $89 paid to the Delaware Division of Corporations
Expedite Fee $1000 for one hour service;
$500 for two hour service:
$100 to $200 for same day service;
$50 to $100 for next day service


Delaware Corporation Maintenance Fees
Initial Report None
Annual Report and Franchise Tax $50 annual report fee plus $175 minimum tax (must be filed every year by March 1)
Delaware Business License Fees vary by business activity and are listed on the business license application form (must be renewed annually; required for every business)

Do Delaware corporations require bylaws?

Delaware corporations are not required to adopt bylaws. However, bylaws are very important in governing a corporation. If a corporation were a state, the bylaws would be the state laws. Corporate bylaws outline the rules by which the corporation operates, including: how to settle shareholder disputes, how profits and losses are distributed, shareholder rights, and many other finer details of a corporation’s inner workings. Organizational documents such as corporate bylaws are included with every IncFast package.

Let Incorporate Fast Start Your Delaware Corporation

Anyone can go online and figure out how to start a Delaware corporation. How will your corporation will hold up to the pressure of modern business requirements? Do you know what will happen in the event of a shareholder dispute? Corporate resolutions, bylaws, and stock certificates are necessary to do things like open a business bank account. Simply forming a corporation online isn’t enough. Most any serious business transaction will require you to prove that you are authorized to deal on behalf of the corporation. This is where resolutions and bylaws come in. When you hire IncFast, you’ll get all the business documents you need to start and maintain your Delaware corporation, which makes hiring us an easy decision.

In addition, you can also expect the following when you hire IncFast:

  • Speed
    Our company was built on a simple promise to our clients: sign up online and we’ll incorporate your business fast. In Delaware, we can incorporate your business in as little as 2 days.
  • Quality
    IncFast is proud of its long reputation for quality service. With more than 27,000 clients served, we have the experience to form your business efficiently. Our client support team is here to help your business get off the ground and help maintain it into the future.
  • Online Accounts
    Each IncFast client account has instant access to our secure online portal where you can track the status of your business anytime, anywhere. Through the IncFast Online Portal, you can access every state form you’ll ever to need file for your business and find pro tips on how to accomplish any business maintenance task fast.
  • Long-Term Support
    Incorporating your Delaware corporation is only the beginning. When IncFast is your Delaware registered agent, you always know your business status. We send every IncFast client electronic alerts for important due dates. You can also trust us to accept any important legal notice on your business’ behalf so your corporation maintains its good standing.