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As one of the first companies to offer online business formation services, we’ve formed thousands of companies since 2002. We’ll form your Arizona corporation fast and without error!

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When you form an corporation in Arizona, you are required to publish a notification in a local paper/periodical. If you’re in Phoenix, this can add a lot to your startup costs. If you hire us, we’ll list our registered agent address on your formation documents and you can run a notification ad in one of our local papers (we include publication directions and paper contact details). This will save you money, and if you want your Phoenix address, you can simply make an amendment and have it back. Instructions included in your IncFast Online Portal.

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No other formation company will match the speed and price of our 1-day Arizona incorporation package at $194 total.

We Will Increase Business Security

Forming a corporation in Arizona will create a permanent, searchable public record tying your name and address to the newly formed business. This creates a potential information security vulnerability which online data hackers, spammers and scammers can utilize for malicious purposes. IncFast will not only file your paperwork faster than any other incorporation service, we’re the only national incorporation service that makes your personal privacy a priority. We use our own registered agent service address to keep your home and office address off of permanent public records whenever possible.

Later on, if would like to change addresses, we will make that change at no charge. When you choose IncFast as your registered agent we’ll act as your business’ doorman, shielding your home or office address and forcing the data miners and potential security threats to go through us first to notify you.

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Arizona Corporation Advantages

Arizona Corporation Benefits
Well-Defined Business Structure There are many reasons to incorporate in Arizona. One attractive feature of the Arizona corporation is the formal business structure and chain of command. Corporate officers attend to the daily operations of the corporations, while the board of directors controls company-wide decisions.
Arizona Corporate Tax Arizona has a 6% corporate income tax. Corporations are subject to double taxation which means the corporation must pay tax on its profits and individual shareholders are subject to Arizona individual income tax on dividends. The individual income tax rates range from 2.59% to 4.54%.
Strong Asset Protection Arizona’s Corporations Law allows a person or persons to form an Arizona corporation. One individual may be the director, shareholder and officer of the corporation. Forming an Arizona corporation creates a legal entity separate from its incorporator, shareholders, officers, and directors. Shareholders are not liable for the debts and obligations of the corporation.
Investor Usability Arizona corporations may raise capital by selling stocks and shares. Investors may feel more comfortable investing in an Arizona corporation because it is a familiar business type.
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Arizona Corporation Costs and Fees

Arizona Incorporation Costs
Filing Fee $60 payable to the Arizona Corporation Commission
Expedite Fee  $35 for 5-7 day processing
Arizona Corporation Maintenance Fees
Initial Report None
Annual Report $45 annual report fee plus $35 for expedited processing option (must be filed by the anniversary date of incorporation)
Arizona Business License Arizona businesses are not required to have a generic state license. However, if you are selling goods or services you will probably need a state transaction privilege tax license from the Department of Revenue.


Arizona corporation publishing requirements?

You must publish a copy of your Articles of Incorporation in a newspaper of general circulation in the county of the known place of business in Arizona, for three (3) consecutive publications. A list of acceptable newspapers in each county will accompany the approval letter and is posted on the Commission web site at Arizona Corporation Commission. Do not publish until documents have been approved.

Do Arizona corporations require bylaws?

Arizona state law requires a corporation’s board of directors to adopt initial bylaws. Corporate bylaws are essential in governing a corporation. Keep reading

The bylaws are the rules by which the corporation manages its business affairs. The bylaws should include how to settle shareholder disputes, how profits and losses are distributed, shareholder rights, and other details of the corporation’s inner workings. When you sign up for any IncFast incorporation package, we include corporate bylaws and other organizational documentation.

Incorporate Fast is dedicated to forming businesses fast and error-free. When you order Arizona incorporation service, we will complete your order the same day and your corporation will be registered with the state within 7 business days.