Open a Limited Liability Company

If you have a new business or an existing company, you may want to open a LLC. An LLC can provide many benefits to the owner, with a primary advantage being limited liability protection. Below are the typical steps that must be followed to open an llc.

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Steps to Opening an LLC

Our service is perfect for the business owner who is limited on time, and needs to file an llc quickly.  When you start a llc using Incorporate Fast, we will do the work for you. Our self help services will assist in preparing the necessary paperwork, submit required fees to the Secretary of State office, and monitory for approval.

The process for filing an LLC

  1. Decide on a name for your business.
  2. Research name availability at the secretary of state.
  3. Speak with an CPA or accountant in your state to get tips and the best possible advice.
  4. Prepare the necessary articles to file with the Division of Corporations, or Secretary of State.
  5. Submit your articles for approval, with appropriate required fees by your state.
  6. Monitor the state for approval, and receipt of approved documents.

How to create your LLC quickly

The basic steps outlined above are common when filing most LLC's or corporations, however your situation may be different. In every state, we offer express filing, and rush services for your limited liability company. Our rush services will help you to form it quickly and reliably. Creating an LLC is different in every state, and each state has specific laws related to forming your company. Before forming an LLC make sure that you do all of your research and ask the right questions for your business.

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