Form a Nevada Corporation

How to Form a Nevada Corporation

If you form a Nevada Corporation, you will be taking a great step towards safeguarding your personal assets.  By default a corporation presents a barrier between debts of the business and personal assets.  This barrier can be penetrated by the courts, so the business must be kept in good standing and follow all state, local, and federal laws.  You can read on to learn more about the advantages in incorporating in NV.

Limit Liability by Forming a Corporation

When you incorporate in Nevada, you are limiting your personal liability by separating your business assets.  When you operate your new corporation you must ensure that all transactions for your business are conducted separate from you the person.  You can find yourself personally liable for any and all debts and obligations of the business that you personally guarantee.

Naming your Corporation

The name proposed for a corporation must be distinguishable on the records of the Secretary of State from any other corporation. The name of the Corporations will have as its end either “corporation”, “incorporated” or its abbreviation. Unlike most states, Nevada will allow companies with the same name if they are of different entities. Generally, the Secretary of State will ignore words such as “the”, “and”, “a”, “an” etc. when determining availability.

Naming Tips and Guidelines
Also it will ignore the use of capitals, punctuation, and the use of spaces. The Secretary of State will reject any submissions using the words “bank” or “trust”. The Secretary of State also prohibits the naming of a Corporation using “engineer,” or use of its derivative. Also words that have “accountant,” or “auditing” or its derivative are prohibited. Lastly, words are restricted when they depict any sort or housing association such as “homeowners association”.

Nevada Registered Agent is Required

If you are looking to file for a corporation you must have a registered agent in Nevada.  If your business is physically located in Nevada, then you can serve as your own registered agent.  If you are filing in Nevada, but your business is not physically located in Nevada, then you will need to have a registered agent service for your corporation.

Tax advantages of Forming a Nevada Corporation

It is common for a NV business to incorporate for tax reasons.  Some of the tax advantages of incorporating are:  No Corporate Income Tax, No Taxes on Corporate Shares, No Franchise Tax, No Personal Income Tax, No Franchise Tax on Income.  These benefits can lead to taking advantage of some great tax advantages of incorporating. 

Most small businesses choose to incorporate because there is no tax on corporate income tax.  But with the advantages also come additional costs and responsibilities.  If your business is a corporation and transacting intrastate business, you need to file for a foreign corporation within the state that you commonly are transacting business within.  Please consult with a CPA in your home state to determine if there will be any potential tax savings as a result of incorporating in Nevada.

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