Form a North Dakota LLC

Forming a North Dakota llc online

Form North Dakota LLC / BASIC

North Dakota llc B Package
Package Fee:$49  
State Filing Fees:135  

Form North Dakota LLC / Standard

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State Filing Fees:135  

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Package Fee:$265  
State Filing Fees:135  

North Dakota LLC
ND limited liability company provides limited liability for its members if the corporate status is maintained. The LLC is a newer entity type that is very exciting as it offers some great benefits and features for its members. One difference between a LLC and a regular corporation is that a LLC is recognized by the IRS as a "pass through" tax entity.
LLC's tax benefits
The LLC does provide lots of advantages, one being the pass through taxation.  This means the LLC does not pay a tax but the profits are reported by the members of the LLC.  Therefore the LLC does not pay a tax.

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