Electric Vehicle charging stations installed in South Carolina

By Administrator at June 04, 2010 01:03
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When you think electric vehicles, South Carolina might not be the first state that comes to mind.  However a young corporation, AeroVironment Inc. is installing about 60-100 electric vehicle charging stations in the state.

A non profit firm Plug-In Carolina which has been sponsored by South Carolina utilites is in contact with AeroVironment to install the charging stations.  South Carolina wants to be the pioneer in the electric vehicle revolution.  The state doesn't expect to have many of these charging stations in use this year but in the next year, there are several big name auto makers coming out with their own electric vehicles.  Notably, Chevy will be introducing the Volt, Nissan with the Leaf, Ford with an electric version of the Focus, and Toyota with a plug in hybrid Prius. 

Many of these electric vehicle options will undoubtedly be more popular if there was more stations to charge your vehicle.  Most of the vehicles in their electric only modes only have a limited range so therefore people will need to charge their cars at work and other locations. 

The company is also working on building an at home version of their charging station.  It was geared toward the Nissan Leaf coming out next year. 

AeroVironment Inc. is a corporation.  If you're interested in forming your own corporation, click on the link and let us help you start your own company.

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